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Trophy level is a number assigned to players that roughly describes the number and quality of trophies that they have. For example, a player with trophy level 30 will typically have significantly more trophies than a player with trophy level 20. It is typically denoted by the icon Trophy level.png.

Level requirements and trophy pointsEdit

A player's trophy level is determined by the number of trophy points that they have, and trophy points are awarded (in different amounts) by bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies. These types of trophies give points as follows:

Type Points
Bronze trophy.png bronze 15
Silver trophy.png silver 30
Gold trophy.png gold 90
Platinum trophy.png platinum 180

The following table shows that number of trophy points that are required for each trophy level:

Level Points required
1 0
2 200
3 600
4 1200
5 2400
6 4000
7 6000
8 8000
9 10000
10 12000
11 14000
12 16000
13 and higher previous level + 8000

At level 13 and higher, the trophy level point requirements become stable, with each level requiring 8000 more points than the previous level (for example, level 13 requires 24000 points, level 14 requires 32000 points, and so on).

History and milestonesEdit

A screenshot of PSN user Hakoom at trophy level 100.
Trophy level was originally capped by Sony at level 50, until users Hakoom and duck360 reached level 50 in 2011. Sony then raised the cap to level 100. Hakoom then hit level 100 in December 2013, but despite over a year passing since then, that remains the level cap (as of January 2015).

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