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A trophy hunter is a person who actively attempts to earn trophies while playing PlayStation games.



There are several methods of playing games that trophy hunters use that other gamers typically do not, as these methods enable the hunter to earn trophies more quickly, but typically involve playing the game in a way that was not intended.


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Boosting refers to playing a multiplayer portion of a game with another trophy hunter with the sole intention of earning trophies. For example, if a trophy requires the player to win 10 online matches, then two trophy hunters can "boost" this trophy by playing 20 online matches with each other, taking turns winning and losing matches until they both earn the trophy.

System clock manipulationEdit

Some trophies can be obtained more easily by manipulating the console's system clock. For example, a trophy in Nier requires players to grow certain flowers, which takes weeks of real time. This can be avoided by changing the system's clock to a future date, thus speeding up the process.

Disliked types of trophiesEdit

There are several types of trophies that a large portion of trophy hunters dislike, as they either require the player to play the game in a strange and unintended way, or they require the player to play through the game with a guide, or otherwise interfere with the player's enjoyment of the game. This list is not exhaustive and is not representative of every trophy hunter; some hunters may enjoy some of these types of trophies.

Ad hoc trophiesEdit

Main article: Ad hoc trophy

An ad hoc trophy is a type of trophy specific to PlayStation Vita games that requires the player to play a local multiplayer Vita game. This type of trophy is disliked because it requires two Vitas, each with a copy of the same game, to be in close physical proximity of each other. Due to the lack of popularity of the Vita, arranging local multiplayer games in this way can be extremely difficult.

Grindy trophiesEdit

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Grindy trophies are trophies that require a significant amount of time to unlock, but do not really test the player's skill in any way. Grindy trophies are most common in role-playing games.

Luck-based trophiesEdit

Main article: Luck-based trophy

Luck-based trophies are trophies that depend entirely (or almost entirely) on random factors beyond the player's control, rather than the player's skill. These types of trophies are especially common in games based on game shows and games based on card games or casino games.

Missable trophiesEdit

Main article: Missable trophy

Missable trophies are trophies that can only be unlocked at a specific point during a game's campaign, and if that chance at the trophy is missed then a new playthrough of the game must be started, often requiring a significant time investment before the player has another chance at the trophy. Missable trophies are particularly common in linear action/adventure games.