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A '''platformer''' (or '''platform game''') is a game in which a substantial portion of the gameplay comes in the form of the player character jumping between different platforms. Oftentimes, one of the primary threats to the player in such a game is the player falling to their death.
Platformers sometimes have [[collectible trophy|trophies for gathering collectibles]] that are scattered throughout the levels, but rarely have other types of [[grindy trophies]]. They typically have fairly straightforward trophy lists, though their difficulty varies wildly. For example, many of the most popular platformer series (e.g., [[Ratchet and Clank series|Ratchet and Clank]] and [[Sly Cooper series|Sly Cooper]]) have easy trophy lists, but some lesser-known platformers (e.g., [[Game/cloudberry-kingdom]] and [[Game/attacking-zegeta-ps4]]) pride themselves on being absurdly difficult.
==Notable platformer series==