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==Notable platformer series==
Jak and Daxter, LittleBigPlanet
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| [[File:Jak_and_daxter_series.png|120px|link=Jak and Daxter series]]
| '''[[Jak and Daxter series]]'''
This is a series of 3D action platformers originally for the Playstation 2. They contain numerous [[collectible]]s, and the later games in the series are fairly challenging to [[platinum]] without using [[beneficial glitch|glitches]].
| [[File:Littlebigplanet_series.png|120px|link=LittleBigPlanet series]]
| '''[[LittleBigPlanet series]]'''
This is a series of 2.5D sidescrolling platformers, and possibly the most popular platformer series for Playstation consoles. These games typically have somewhat challenging trophy lists that require you to complete all levels in the game without dying and also perform numerous tasks [[online]].
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| [[File:Ratchet_and_clank_series.png|120px|link=Ratchet and Clank series]]