Ad hoc trophy

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Games with trophies requiring ad hoc play
The {{TrophyLink|dynasty-warriors-next|27}} trophy requires at least 2 (preferably 3) Vitas to play together in ad hoc mode to earn some of the pieces of equipment, some of which have fairly challenging requirements.
The {{TrophyLink|looney-tunes-galactic-sports-vita|3}} requires you to play a single game in ad hoc mode. This trophy came into existence in May 2015, making it the last ad hoc trophy ever created.
The {{TrophyLink|michael-jackson-the-experience-hd|3}}, {{TrophyLink|michael-jackson-the-experience-hd|7}}, and {{TrophyLink|michael-jackson-the-experience-hd|20}} trophies all require 2-player ad hoc mode. The [[Game/michael-jackson-the-experience|PS3 version of the game]] could originally be [[platinum]]ed via [[online]] multiplayer, but its Facebook integration no longer works, so its platinum is [[unobtainable]].