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==Games with ad hoc trophies==
Here is a complete list of all games with ad hoc trophies. As there have been no new additions to this list in a couple of years, it seems unlikely that any more games will be released with ad hoc trophies in the future. {||-| style="vertical-align:top;padding-right:8px; | [[File:dead-or-alive-5-plus-vita-logo.png|120px|link=dead-or-alive-5-plus-vita]]| '''[[Game/dead-or-alive-5-plus-vita]]'''* The {{TrophyLink|dead-or-alive-5-plus-vita|8}} trophy requires you to play a single match in ad hoc mode.* The other version of Dead or Alive 5 do not have any ad hoc trophies.|}
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