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|psstore = UP9000-CUSA06090_00-UCUS986620000001
|genre = [[platformer]]
}}'''LocoRoco Remastered''' is a unique [[puzzle platformer]] in which the player must tilt the environment in order to maneuver their character (the "LocoRoco"), which is a multi-colored jelly-like blob, through each level. Along the way, the LocoRoco can grow in size by eating special berries, and then can be split and rejoined to pass the LocoRoco through narrow spaces. The game features bright and colorful visuals, lots of [[collectible]]s to find, and a time attack mode that requires the player to [[speed run trophy|speed run]] all of the game's levels. It features a total of 5 worlds, each of which contains 8 levels that typically are 5 to 10 minutes long.
<!-- Delete ===Step 1 (optional): Play through the game===If you wish, you can start by playing through the game without worrying about trophies, as you may enjoy the game more this line when way. None of the game's trophies are [[missable]], so you insert do not need to worry about that, but you will save quite a bit of time if you jump straight to step 2 below. In this step, you will earn at least the following trophies: {{TrophyLinks||2|6}} ===Step 2: Play through the game, collecting all collectibles===Every level in the game has 3 types of [[collectible]]s to find: 20 LocoRocos, a small number of MuiMuis, and a roadmaplarge number of pickories. -->You must find each and every one of these collectibles in every level in order to earn the {{MissingRoadmapTrophyLink||11}}trophy, so that is your goal in this step. You will also unlock all of the following trophies along the way: {{TrophyLinks||7|18}}{{TrophyLinks||20|21}} ===Step 3: Time attack mode===Now complete the [[speed run]] of each level.
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