Sometimes You

Sometimes You (series)
Sometimes You
Total trophies 35 Bronze trophy.png   46 Silver trophy.png   53 Gold trophy.png   6 Platinum trophy.png
Platforms PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png   
Typical difficulty very easymedium
Games Alteric
Energy Balance
Energy Cycle
It's Spring Again
Save the Ninja Clan
Spiral Splatter

Sometimes You is a video game development studio and publisher to that is most well-known amount Playstation gamers for publishing several indepedent games for PS4 and Vita that were originally released for Steam. Their games typically (but not always) have four trophy lists: one for each of the North American and European versions of the PS4 and Vita versions of their games (though their trophy lists often incorrectly indicate that they are shared between PS4 and Vita on Sony's servers).

Trophy breakdownEdit

Here is a trophy breakdown of the games that they have published:

Game  Platforms   Trophies   Difficulty   Comp. time   Plays 
Alteric   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png 
 0 Bronze trophy.png  3 Silver trophy.png  10 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  2 – 5 hours  1 – 2 
Energy Balance   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png 
 5 Bronze trophy.png  7 Silver trophy.png  8 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 easy  2 – 5 hours  1 
Energy Cycle   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png 
 4 Bronze trophy.png  6 Silver trophy.png  8 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 very easy  1 – 4 hours  1 
It's Spring Again   Vita Vita.png 
 0 Bronze trophy.png  1 Silver trophy.png  3 Gold trophy.png 
 very easy  < 1 hour  1 
NeverEnd   Vita Vita.png 
 4 Bronze trophy.png  9 Silver trophy.png  8 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 hard  10 – 30 hours  1 
North   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png 
 4 Bronze trophy.png  5 Silver trophy.png  1 Gold trophy.png 
 ?  ?  ? 
Save the Ninja Clan   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png 
 14 Bronze trophy.png  10 Silver trophy.png  6 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  2 – 8 hours  1 
Spiral Splatter   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png 
 4 Bronze trophy.png  5 Silver trophy.png  9 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  1 – 3 hours  1 

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