Platinum blocker

A platinum blocker is a trophy that frequently prevents players of the game from obtaining its platinum trophy. It is most commonly a single trophy that is much more time-consuming or difficult than the other trophies in the game.

Notable examplesEdit

This section lists some of the more well-known or extremely difficult platinum blockers.

Diablo-3-logo.png Diablo 3

The All That Glitters (gold) trophy requires the player to pick up 5,000,000 gold, which is an absolutely astronomical quantity. After playing through the game 5 times and earning every other trophy in the game, typically players have picked up around 1,500,000 gold. Earning the remaining gold is very grindy and takes at least a dozen more hours (often much more) by itself.

Final-fantasy-xiii-logo.png Final Fantasy 13

The Treasure Hunter (gold) trophy requires the player to find every weapon and accessory in the game, some of which are only available in certain areas of the game that can't be re-visited. This trophy can very easily be missed, forcing the player to do another ~40-hour playthrough.

Goat-simulator-ps4-logo.png Goat Simulator (PS4)

Almost all of this game's trophies can be earned quickly and easily within about 2 hours, but the The Flapmaster (silver) trophy gives people quite a bit of trouble.

God-of-war-logo.png God of War (PS3 / PS Vita)

For the most part, this game has a very easy trophy list, but the I'll Take the Physical Challenge (gold) trophy is significantly harder than the others. It requires the player to complete 10 consecutive challenge arenas (without no ability to save and resume later), and some of them are very tough. The later games in the series also have challenge trophies like this one, but they are all easier (and allow saving).

Orcs-must-die-unchained-ps4-logo.png Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Most of the game's trophies are of moderate difficulty and do not take too long to earn. However, the Empty Pockets Silver trophy.png trophy takes several hundred hours to grind all on its own.

Silent-hill-2-hd-logo.png Silent Hill 2

While most of the game's trophy list is fairly straightforward, the Who Needs a Gun? (gold) trophy is orders of magnitude more difficult than the others. It requires the player to perform the requirements of almost every single other trophy in the game (e.g., take very little damage, action and riddle difficulties both as hard as possible, kill lots of enemies, pick up all secret items) all within a 3-hour speedrun.

Teslagrad-ps4-logo.png Teslagrad

Almost every trophy in this game can be earned quickly and easily within an hour or two, but the Protective Father (gold) trophy is much harder, requiring the player to quickly ascend an electrified obstacle course. While it would not seem particularly challenging in most other trophy lists, it seems quite out of place in this game.

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