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Welcome to PSNTrophyWiki! This is a site devoted to cataloguing everything about PlayStation trophies. As its name suggests, PSNTrophyWiki is a wiki, much like Wikipedia (though not exactly like Wikipedia). This means that the entire site is a collaborative effort, to which anybody may contribute; just click "edit" at the top of any page contribute to that page. Changes and additions are always welcome, whether you are adding a new guide or video for a trophy, or just correcting a typo.

Help pagesEdit

If you have never edited a wiki before, start by taking a glance at the MediaWiki help pages – they cover basics topics such as wiki markup, how to include images in articles, how to link to other articles, and so on. The help pages below introduce you to the editing procedure, and point out how editing this wiki differs from editing other wikis (usually in rather minor ways).

  • Categories - how to create and use categories effectively
  • Editing FAQ - answers to some frequently asked questions by users editing this wiki
  • Templates - useful for creating several articles (or sections of articles) that follow a similar format
  • Advanced editing - advice for how to complete more involved editing tasks on the wiki

Policies and guidelinesEdit

Main article: Policies and guidelines

Because there is no official structure that polices the quality of our site, we have had to adopt various rules, procedures, and values that allow everyone to make effective contributions to the wiki. New editors on the site are not required to read through all of these policies and guidelines; they are not a list of rules that must be understood before participating in the site. Most of them are based upon common sense. Editors who act in good faith and treat other members of the community with good faith are unlikely to encounter any problems; editors will be notified if a situation arises where a policy or guideline may be relevant.

  • Deletion policy - how and why to request deletion of a page
  • PSN Trophy Wiki is not Wikipedia - even though PSNTrophyWiki is similar in style to Wikipedia, there are important differences
  • Notability - what topics warrant their own page in PSNTrophyWiki
  • Game pages - because the majority of the wiki is made up of pages about particular games and trophies, there are some guidelines in place to ensure that they are high-quality and of consistent format
  • Trophy pages - same as above; trophy pages have some guidelines in order to keep them consistent
  • Trophy unlock images - we want every trophy page to have a screenshot that shows the trophy unlocking
  • Style guide - language use, proper capitalization, when and how to use emphasis, and so on


These are many simple ways in which users can help improve PSN Trophy Wiki. The following pages can help users find things that need improving on this wiki (and of course, new trophy guides are always welcome).

  • Helping out - general ideas for improving the quality of the site
  • Maintenance categories - a list of categories that keep track of wiki pages that need work
  • Editor of the week - a weekly competition where a wiki editor is given a PSN giftcard as thanks for their work on the wiki

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