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  1. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/1: ...that there are five games with multiple trophy lists that pop automatically? They are Motorstorm RC, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Sound Shapes, Jet Set Radio, and DC Universe Online (DCUO).
  2. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/2: ...that some games, like Contrast and The Cave, contain only bronze trophies? They are listed at Category:Games with only base game bronze trophies.
  3. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/3: ...that some Playstation 3 games do not have trophies?
  4. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/4: ...that the first game to have trophies was Super Stardust HD?
  5. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/5: ...that some games like Warframe have as many as 20 DLC packages with trophies?
  6. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/6: ...that trophy level was originally capped at level 50, until users Hakoom and duck360 reached the cap in 2011, prompting Sony to raise it to 100?
  7. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/7: ...that Sound Shapes has a whopping 6 trophy lists and 11 DLC packages, making it possible to earn 534 trophies (including 6 platinums) from one game?
  8. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/8: ...that some games like Terminator Salvation and VR Ping Pong have only 11 trophies in addition to their platinum trophy, but no game with a platinum has fewer?
  9. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/9: ...that some games, like Attacking Zegeta, Frogger Returns and MLB 13: The Show - Home Run Derby Edition, only have 4 trophies?
  10. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/10: ...that the Playstation 3 version of Trine 2 has a very short and easy trophy list, while the Playstation 4 version of Trine 2 has an extremely difficult trophy list?
  11. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/11: ...that Ridge Racer: Driftopia has some of the rarest trophies in existence, since the game was never officially released? Only about 10 people earned all of its trophies, and they were all obtained during the game's beta testing phase.
  12. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/12: ...that some games, like The Order: 1886 and Sound Shapes, contain no bronze trophies at all? They are listed at Category:Games with no base game bronze trophies.
  13. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/13: ...that about 20% of all trophies are duplicates that can be earned multiple times?
  14. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/14: ...that there are more than 250 games with trophies that are impossible to obtain due to server closures and/or glitches?
  15. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/15: ...that the PS3 game with the most trophies is DC Universe Online (DCUO), with 108? Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception comes in at second place, with 105 trophies.
  16. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/16: ...that the game with the most bronze trophies is Rise of the Tomb Raider, with 118?
  17. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/17: ...that the game with the most silver trophies is Sound Shapes, with 87?
  18. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/18: ...that the game with the most gold trophies is Driveclub, with 26?
  19. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/19: ...that some games, like Doom 3 and Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3), contain no silver trophies at all? They are contained in Category:Games with no base game silver trophies
  20. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/20: ...that the Mid-Summer Classic (silver) trophy in Major League Baseball 2K10 was only available on one day: July 13, 2010?
  21. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/21: ...that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots did not receive trophies until August 2012, over 4 years after its release?
  22. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/22: ...that Krinkle Krusher and Root Letter each have 10 separate but identical trophy lists, more than any other games?
  23. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/23: ...that the first game to have a single trophy list shared between its PS3, PS4, and Vita versions was Fez?
  24. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/24: ...that the Shenanigans! (silver) trophy in Cloudberry Kingdom is so difficult that it took almost a year for a single person to earn it?
  25. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/25: ...that some Vita games have ad hoc trophies, which require multiple Vitas in the same location to play together in local multiplayer?
  26. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/26: ...that there are more than 1,500 trophies that cannot be obtained due to things like server closures and glitches?
  27. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/27: ...that the last ad hoc trophy ever created was the Making Friends Bronze trophy.png trophy in Looney Tunes Galactic Sports, which went live on Sony's servers in May 2015?
  28. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/28: ...that trophies were first introduced on July 2, 2008, with Playstation 3 system software update 2.40?
  29. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/29: ...that for the first 7 days that trophies existed (July 2 - 8, 2008), platinum trophies had a purple crown (Platinum purple crown.png) as their icon?
  30. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/30: ...that a game's platinum trophy contributed to its completion percentage until the Playstation 3 system software 3.00 update on September 1, 2009? Ever since then, it has not.
  31. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/31: ...that the most common trophy name is simply "Platinum Trophy", which has been used by more than 150 games?
  32. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/32: ...that the most common trophy names (other than "Platinum Trophy" and "Platinum") are "Collector" and "Treasure Hunter", which have each been used by more than 100 different games?
  33. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/33: ...that the most common platinum trophy name after "Platinum" and "Platinum Trophy" is "Completionist"?
  34. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/34: ...that the most common gold trophy name is "HI SCORE Player", since it has been used more than 50 times by the Arcade Archives series of games? The next most common gold trophy name is "Perfectionist".
  35. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/35: ...that the most common silver trophy names are "Mark high score" and "Record score", since they have each been used more than 50 times by the Arcade Archives series of games? The next most common silver trophy name is "Untouchable".
  36. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/36: ...that the most common bronze trophy names are "Treasure Hunter", "Collector", and "Survivor", each having been used by more than 50 bronze trophies?
  37. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/37: ...that the game Attacking Zegeta 2 is so difficult, and its trophies are so vague and obscure, that no one has ever earned a single one of its trophies?
  38. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/38: ...that It's Spring Again features an "Autoplay" mode that earns you all of the game's trophies without having to interact with it at all?
  39. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/39: ...that some games, like the Korean version of Corpse Party: Blood Drive and the Vita version of Salt and Sanctuary, contain debug menus that provide access to cheats that do not disable trophies, or even unlock trophies directly?
  40. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/40: ...that some games, like Doom 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, have as many as 66 non-DLC trophies, but no game has more?
  41. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/41: ...that the most common distribution of bronze, silver, and gold trophies in a trophy list is 7 bronze, 4 silver, and 1 gold (and no platinum)? More than 250 games have such a list.
  42. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/42: ...that more than 90 games have exactly 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold, and 1 platinum trophy, making this the most common distribution of trophy grades among games with a platinum trophy?
  43. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/43: ...that lots of games have exactly 11 non-DLC gold trophies, but no games have more?
  44. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/44: ...that Dying: Reborn has a whopping 11 trophy lists? 5 of them have 20 trophies, 3 of them have 18 trophies, and 3 of them are for the VR version with just 11 trophies.
  45. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/45: ...that the trophies in Dark Awake: The King Has No Name are all simply named "bronze", "silver", and "gold"? Their descriptions are similarly vague and useless.
  46. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/46: ...that there are more than 200 trophies that are awarded simply for playing a game for a certain amount of time?
  47. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/47: ...that there are more than ten games (such as Rainbow Moon and Tales of Symphonia) that award trophies for playing the game for 100 hours, but no game awards a trophy for a time longer than that?
  48. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/48: ...that Batman: Arkham Knight's trophies are arranged alphabetically?
  49. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/49: ...that the game with the most trophies is Driveclub, with 128; Rise of the Tomb Raider comes in at second place, with 125 trophies?
  50. PSNTrophyWiki:Did you know/50: ...that "did you know..." entry #50 does not yet exist? (click here to suggest one)

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