PSN Trophy Wiki is a wiki dedicated to Playstation trophies that, like Wikipedia, anyone can edit and contribute to. Because this is a wiki, guides are written in a very flexible manner: users can write an entire guide for a game, they can just write a guide for a specific trophy and insert it into the game's main guide, or they can just make minor edits to information that is already present. Users can edit as much or as little as they like.

Relationship with other trophy websitesEdit

There are many other websites dedicated to trophies on the internet, and our goal is to supplement them, not replace them (just like Wikipedia isn't a replacement for the articles that it cites). We aim to be as inclusive as possible: we have guides written right on the wiki, but we also allow (and encourage) linking to trophy guides on other sites as well. Found a forum thread on another website that gives a good trick for obtaining a trophy? Link to it! Found a trophy guide on another website that you feel is better than our own? Link to it!

It also goes the other way: the content of this wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (unless otherwise noted), which means that you are free to copy guides and information from our wiki to any other site (and also edit those guides), as long as you provide a link back saying that you got the information from this wiki.

Relationship with Wikia, Curse, and other gaming wikisEdit

We are not hosted by any of the "major" wiki farms out there like Wikia or Curse, and the primary reason for this is control. By hosting and running the wiki completely independently, we have complete control over the layout and functionality of the website. Much of the automated trophy organization that takes place on PSN Trophy Wiki simply would not be possible on a large wiki farm. Most notably, the wiki is kept up-to-date and organized with new games and trophies every night by TrophyBot and InfoBot, two bots that were custom-built for this wiki and require us to have to complete control of it.