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A trophy unlocking in the PS4 game Infamous: Second Son.
The Playstation 4 is a home video game console created by Sony. Unlike its predecessor, the Playstation 3, it had trophy support at launch. It has numerous trophy features that are not available for the PS3, such as the ability to delete trophy lists from your profile with no earned trophies.


Over its lifespan, the Playstation 4 received numerous updates and patches that affected how trophies work.

Version Date Description
2.00 October 24, 2014 Players can now press the PS Button after earning a trophy to be taken directly to that trophy's information page.
2.50 March 26, 2015
  • A screenshot is now automatically taken every time a trophy is earned.
  • Players can now delete trophy lists from their profile, as long as they have not actually earned any trophies in that game's list.
4.00 September 13, 2016
  • Players can now see details for hidden trophies.
  • Players can now view trophies that are saved on their PS4, even if the PS4 has no network connection (prior to this update, it was impossible to view trophies on the PS4 while offline).
5.00 October 3, 2017 Players can now freely choose whether trophy notifications have a white or a black background.

Trophies unlocking for incorrect gamesEdit

From about November 2014 to February 2015 (PS4 system software 2.02 to 2.04), there was a glitch in the PS4 system software that caused players to sometimes earn trophies for an incorrect game if two games were installed at the same time. For example, upon completing a task that should earn a player a trophy in Far Cry 4, they might have instead earned a trophy in Grand Theft Auto 5 if they installed those games at the same time.

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