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An online trophy is a trophy that requires an active internet connection to obtain. Many online trophies require multiple people to unlock, though some involve single-player actions such as uploading user-created content to the game's servers. Online trophies are typically disliked by trophy hunters, as obtaining them often requires boosting, and they can become unobtainable if/when the game's servers are taken offline.


Online-only gamesEdit

Some games don't just have online trophies, but must be played entirely online (for example, MMORPGs fall into this category). These games are listed here:

Destiny-logo.png Destiny

This is and online first-person shooter and role-playing game with a very long and hard trophy list.

Destiny-2-logo.png Destiny 2

This game has a much easier list than its predecessor.

Overwatch-origins-edition-ps4-logo.png Overwatch: Origins Edition

This is an online-only first-person shooter by Blizzard Entertainment. It requires roughly 80 hours to platinum and is considered quite challenging.

Planetside-2-logo.png PlanetSide 2

This is an online-only free-to-play game that takes roughly 500 hours to platinum. Endless War (gold) is the most time-consuming trophy of the bunch.

Notable online trophiesEdit

This section lists some particularly notable online trophies. This list focuses specifically on trophies that must be earned online (i.e., they are not a multiplayer trophies that can be earned offline with multiple controllers) and on trophies that are difficult to boost or otherwise not typically boosted.

Rayman-legends-vita-logo.png Rayman Legends (Vita)
  • The Champion! (gold) trophy is the hardest trophy in the game: it requires the player to finish in the top 1% of players of a daily or weekly online challenge. No equivalent trophy exists in the PS3/PS4 version of the game.

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