Multiple trophy lists

A user's trophy list that has three copies of Sound Shapes on it. This is possible because that game has multiple trophy lists (in fact, it has 6).
Some games have multiple trophy lists, which means that players can earn trophies from that game multiple times. The two common reasons for games having multiple trophy lists are:
  1. The game is available in multiple regions (e.g., North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) and each region gets its own trophy list; and
  2. The game is available on multiple platforms (i.e., Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and/or Playstation Vita) and each platform gets its own trophy list.

Note that whether or not a game gets multiple trophy lists is extremely unpredictable and not standardized: a game can be available in several regions and on multiple platforms, yet still only have one trophy list.


How to stackEdit

If a game has separate trophy lists across multiple consoles, you can earn trophies from it multiple times just by buying and playing the game on each of those consoles. However, the process of earning trophies across different region lists is somewhat more involved:

PS3 and PS4 gamesEdit

To buy a game digitally from another region, you first need a PSN account for that region, and then you need money in your account to buy the game. To get money in your account in the right currency, you can buy PSN cards from various online websites. (This should be expanded and clarified)

To buy a game physically from another region, the following websites are useful:

Vita gamesEdit

There is no way to earn Vita trophies for a digital-only game whose region does not match that of your PSN account. This is because each Vita can only have one PSN account activated on it, and that PSN account can only buy games from its own region's store – there is no way to then play that game on another account. However, physical games can be imported and played on Vitas in any region, which allows physical game stacking.

Notable examplesEdit

Here we list some games that are particularly notable for having a lot of separate trophy lists.

Dying-reborn-logo.png Dying: Reborn (20-trophy list)

This game has 11 trophy lists; more than any other game. However, there are some slight variations between some of its trophy lists:

Sound-shapes-logo.png Sound Shapes

This game has 6 trophy lists. Even more remarkable, though, is the fact that five of those trophy lists' trophies will pop automatically (if you have bought and installed the correct versions of the game) after earning them on one list. Since the game has a whopping 11 DLC packages with trophies, about 440 trophies can be auto-popped in this way.

Notable non-examplesEdit

Here we list some games that are particularly notable for not having multiple trophy lists.

Fez-logo.png Fez

This is the first game that had a single shared trophy list for each of the PS3, PS4, and Vita.

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