Missable trophy

A missable trophy is a trophy that must be obtained during a particular timeframe within a game, and not unlocking it during that time means that they must start another playthrough of the game before having another chance at unlocking the trophy. This term typically only applies in games where there really is a "main campaign" of some sort of sufficient length that must be restarted. For example, a trophy that can only be obtained at a point 10 hours into a 15-hour game would be considered missable, but a trophy that can only be obtained 15 minutes into a 30 minute game (for example, a sports game) generally would not. Also note that missable is not simply the opposite of unmissable: a trophy can be missable, unmissable, or neither.

Missable trophies are most common in linear action/adventure games, though some games include a chapter select option that helps prevent trophies from being missable.

Typical reasons for being missableEdit

There are some standard reasons why a trophy might be missable:

  • They require a specific action to be performed at a specific point in the game's story. For example, the You Chose... Poorly Bronze trophy.png trophy in Saints Row 4 requires the player to kill themselves rather than pursue the game's villain when given the chance in a particular story mission.
  • Some trophies require the player to collect many objects, some of which can only be found in places that the player only has access to at certain points in the game. An example if the Vault-Tec C.E.O. Gold trophy.png trophy in Fallout 3, which requires the player to find all 20 bobbleheads in the game, but 3 of those bobbleheads can only be found after certain actions have been completed.
  • There is a "point of no return" in the game, after which the player cannot return to previous sections of the game. For example, every single trophy in The Swapper is missable because there is a door near the end of the game that the player can not return from once it is opened, and all ten trophies are linked to finding certain objects before that door.

Notable examplesEdit

This section lists some of the more well-known, difficult, or otherwise notorious games with missable trophies.

Final Fantasy XIII The only missable trophy in the game is Treasure Hunter Gold trophy.png, which requires the player to find every weapon and accessory in the game, some of which are only available in certain areas of the game that can't be re-visited. This is the most common platinum blocker for the game, since it is quite possible to miss this fairly early in the game and not realize it, forcing the player to do another ~40-hour playthrough.

LEGO (series) These games are typically great about not having missable trophies. However, there are two notable counter-examples, which could throw off an unsuspecting player:

Techno Prisoners Silver trophy.png in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Vita) requires the player to complete every hacking panel in the game in a certain way, and there is no way to re-play the hacking terminals that are located in the game's hubs (i.e., open-world areas), which means the player has to do them "right" the first time.

Hogwarts has Changed Silver trophy.png in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (PS3) requires the player to return to Hogwarts about halfway through the game's story. There is no in-game indication that the player should do this.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Almost half of the game's trophies are missable, so playing the game with a guide is highly recommended. A few trophies require the player to perform specific actions in the game's story, including Perverted Bronze trophy.png and Too Far Bronze trophy.png. Many trophies are tied to collectibles that can be permanently missed, including Chinpokolypse Gold trophy.png, More Popular Than John Lennon Gold trophy.png, Clothes Whore Gold trophy.png, and Full Arsenal Bronze trophy.png.

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