Mega Man series

Mega Man (series)
Mega Man
Total trophies 35 Bronze trophy.png   10 Silver trophy.png   1 Gold trophy.png   0 Platinum trophy.png
Platforms PS3 Ps3.png   PS4 Ps4.png   
Typical difficulty hardextreme
Games Mega Man 10
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Mega Man is a series of platformer video games created by Capcom, starring the robot character Mega Man, or one of his many counterparts. The first game in the series with trophy support was Mega Man 10, which is known for having an extremely difficult trophy list. More generally, the Mega Man series as a whole is known for being quite challenging.

None of the Mega Man games to date have a platinum trophy, and rather have smaller PSN-sized trophy lists.

Trophy breakdownEdit

Here is a complete trophy breakdown of all of the Mega Man games:

Game  Platforms   Trophies   Difficulty   Comp. time   Plays 
Mega Man 10   PS3 Ps3.png    
 5 Bronze trophy.png  7 Silver trophy.png  0 Gold trophy.png 
 extreme  5 – 15 hours  2 – 4 
Mega Man Legacy Collection   PS4 Ps4.png    
 9 Bronze trophy.png  3 Silver trophy.png  1 Gold trophy.png 
 medium  25 hours  1 
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2   PS4 Ps4.png    
 21 Bronze trophy.png  0 Silver trophy.png  0 Gold trophy.png 
 medium  20 – 30 hours  7 

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