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PSN Trophy Wiki is a wiki dedicated to Playstation trophies that anyone can edit and contribute to. Our goal is to not only provide comprehensive trophy guides and roapmaps for all games, but also to categorize any and all information related to trophies. The automatic categorization that takes place on this wiki makes it easy for trophy hunters not only to find trophy guides for games that they already have, but also to find new games that they might want to play.

Game of the day (November 21, 2017)

11 Bronze trophy.png   10 Silver trophy.png   6 Gold trophy.png   1 Platinum trophy.png
PS4 Ps4.png   

LocoRoco Remastered is a unique puzzle platformer developed by SIE Japan Studio in which the player must tilt the environment in order to maneuver their character (the "LocoRoco"), which is a multi-colored jelly-like blob, through each level. Along the way, the LocoRoco can grow in size by eating special berries, and then can be split and rejoined to pass the LocoRoco through narrow spaces. The game features bright and colorful visuals, lots of collectibles to find, and a time attack mode that requires the player to speed run all of the game's levels. It features a total of 5 worlds, each of which contains 8 levels that typically are 5 to 10 minutes long.

It is a high-definition remaster of a game of the same name that was originally released for the PSP.

Recent news: NA PSN Sale: Black Friday Early Access

November 17, 2017. Sony is currently offering an early-access Black Friday sale in North America that includes a decent number of AAA games. Numerous WayForward games are also on sale. There are 30 Playstation 4 games, 4 Playstation 3 games, and 6 Vita games on sale right now. Here are the first 10:

Game  Price    Trophies   Difficulty   Comp. time 
Assassin's Creed: Origins   $41.99 
 34 Bronze trophy.png  15 Silver trophy.png  1 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  50 – 60 hours 
Blade & Bones   $8.24 / $9.74 
 20 Bronze trophy.png  8 Silver trophy.png  5 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  20 – 30 hours 
Caladrius Blaze   $8.09 
 40 Bronze trophy.png  5 Silver trophy.png  3 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 very hard  25 – 30 hours 
Call of Duty: WWII   $89.99 
 38 Bronze trophy.png  10 Silver trophy.png  2 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 hard  50 – 60 hours 
Citizens of Earth   $2.99 
 7 Bronze trophy.png  1 Silver trophy.png  2 Gold trophy.png 
 very easy  15 hours 
Destiny 2   $38.99 / $41.99 
 0 Bronze trophy.png  2 Silver trophy.png  11 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 hard  50 hours 
EA Sports NHL 18   $29.99 
 37 Bronze trophy.png  9 Silver trophy.png  2 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 hard  100 – 150 hours 
FIFA 18 (PS4)   $35.99 
 32 Bronze trophy.png  9 Silver trophy.png  3 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  40 – 60 hours 
Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS4)   $29.99 / $35.99 
 42 Bronze trophy.png  5 Silver trophy.png  3 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  130 – 150 hours 
Hand of Fate 2   $26.99 
 34 Bronze trophy.png  12 Silver trophy.png  2 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  40 – 60 hours 
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A service and application offered for the Playstation Vita that allowed Vita gamers to interact when in close proximity of each other.

Sie japan studio logo.jpg
A Japanese first-party video game developer most well-known for creating Ape Escape, LocoRoco Remastered, and Gravity Rush.

11 Bronze trophy.png   10 Silver trophy.png   6 Gold trophy.png   1 Platinum trophy.png
   PS4 Ps4.png

Wayforward logo.png
An American independent video game developer and publisher focusing on retro-style 2D games, especially platformers and Metroidvanias like the Shantae series of video games.

10 Bronze trophy.png   10 Silver trophy.png   6 Gold trophy.png   1 Platinum trophy.png
   PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png

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New trophy lists

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41 Bronze trophy.png   7 Silver trophy.png   2 Gold trophy.png   1 Platinum trophy.png
   PS4 Ps4.png

10 Bronze trophy.png   3 Silver trophy.png   9 Gold trophy.png   1 Platinum trophy.png
   PS4 Ps4.png