Infamous series

Infamous (series)
Total trophies 128 Bronze trophy.png   44 Silver trophy.png   13 Gold trophy.png   4 Platinum trophy.png
Platforms PS3 Ps3.png   PS4 Ps4.png   
Typical difficulty easymedium
Games Infamous
Infamous 2
Infamous: Festival of Blood
Infamous: Second Son
Infamous: First Light
This article is about the series of Infamous games. For information about the first game in the series, see Infamous.

Infamous (typically stylized as inFAMOUS or inFamous) is a series of open-world action-adventure video games for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles that was developed by Sucker Punch Productions. The series has three "main" games: Infamous, Infamous 2, and Infamous: Second Son, and two stand-alone downloadable content packages: Infamous: Festival of Blood is a DLC pack for Infamous 2, and Infamous: First Light is a DLC pack for Infamous: Second Son (however, despite being considered a DLC/expansion pack, Infamous: First Light does include its own platinum trophy). Because its DLC packs are stand-alone titles, none of the games in the series have DLC trophies in the usual sense.

Trophy breakdownEdit

Here is a complete trophy breakdown of all of the Infamous games:

Game  Platforms   Trophies   Difficulty   Comp. time   Plays 
Infamous   PS3 Ps3.png    
 37 Bronze trophy.png  11 Silver trophy.png  1 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  40 – 45 hours  1 – 2 
Infamous 2   PS3 Ps3.png    
 40 Bronze trophy.png  9 Silver trophy.png  2 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 medium  20 hours  2 
Infamous: Festival of Blood   PS3 Ps3.png    
 11 Bronze trophy.png  2 Silver trophy.png  1 Gold trophy.png 
 easy  6 – 10 hours  1 
Infamous: First Light   PS4 Ps4.png    
 6 Bronze trophy.png  11 Silver trophy.png  7 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 easy  12 – 20 hours  1 
Infamous: Second Son   PS4 Ps4.png    
 34 Bronze trophy.png  11 Silver trophy.png  2 Gold trophy.png  1 Platinum trophy.png 
 easy  15 – 20 hours  2 

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