Hidden trophy

A hidden trophy is one whose information (e.g., name, description, and grade) are not visible by default when viewed on Playstation consoles. While the intended purpose of hidden trophies was presumably for story-related trophies, so that trophy hunters could browse trophy lists without having plot points spoiled for them, any and all types of trophies (even platinum trophies) can be hidden, and some developers go as far as to hide every single trophy in their game's trophy list.

Before 2016, trophy hunters would have to go third-party websites like PlaystationTrophies or PSNProfiles to find the requirements for unlocking hidden trophies. In fact, some early hidden trophies were so obscure that trophy hunters had to e-mail the game's developers to ask them how to unlock the trophies. However, hidden trophy information can be viewed on Playstation 4 systems ever since system software update 4.00, which launched in September 2016.[1]

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