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A trophy is said to be grindy (or require grinding) if the player must repeat some task over and over again in order to unlock it. The task itself is typically easy to perform, and the real "difficulty" of the trophy comes with having the patience to persist with the task long enough to satisfy the trophy's requirements. These types of trophies are especially common in role-playing games.

Games with real-time grinding restrictionsEdit

This section lists trophies that require a significant amount of real time to grind. That is, they can not just be played over and over by player in order to unlock them quicker, but rather there is some limitation in the game that forces the player to only grind a little bit at a time, which has the effect of making the grind take several weeks or months.

Crysis2-logo.png Crysis 2
  • The Dedication (bronze) trophy requires you to play the game online, and then do so again at least 6 months later.
Final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn-logo.png Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn
  • The An Adventurer's Life (silver) trophy requires the player to complete 1,000 "levequests" in the game. However, the player is only able to complete 6 levequests per day, meaning that this trophy requires at least 167 days (5 and a half months) of questing to earn.
Rayman-legends-logo.png Rayman Legends (PS3/PS4)
  • The Truly awesome! (silver) trophy requires the player to play somewhere around 2 – 4 months of daily and weekly online challenges (the exact number of challenges that need to be played depends on the player's skill level; better performances reduce the amount of grinding required).
  • This trophy is particularly annoying, as the game is mainly a single-player affair, so the addition of grindy online challenges was not appreciated by most trophy hunters. Furthermore, the game's predecessor, Rayman Origins (PS3), was an entirely offline game with no grindy trophies at all.

Other notable grindy trophiesEdit

This section lists some of the more notoriously grindy trophies. As notes above, many of the examples provided here are from role-playing games. Also note that this list purposely excludes collectible trophies; see that page for a list of long and involved trophies based on finding collectibles.

Diablo-3-logo.png Diablo 3

The All That Glitters (gold) trophy requires the player to pick up 5,000,000 gold. Even after playing through the game 5 times and earning every other trophy, players typically have picked up around 1,500,000 gold. Earning the remaining gold is very takes at least a dozen more hours of grinding (and often much more). This trophy was made much more reasonable in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

Orcs-must-die-unchained-ps4-logo.png Orcs Must Die! Unchained

The Empty Pockets Silver trophy.png trophy requires you to spend 200,000,000 coin, which is an absurd amount that takes several hundred hours to accumulate.

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster While many trophies take a long time to obtain, the Perfect Sphere Master Gold trophy.png trophy is probably the grindiest, requiring the player to completely fill the Sphere Grid of each character.

Tales of Xillia 2 Many of the game's trophies are extremely grindy, simply requiring the player to use each character's skill and partner skill 450 times each. The Lord of Links Bronze trophy.png trophy is perhaps the grindiest trophy in the game, requiring the player to use "linked artes" a total of 4,050 times. A player typically will use 1 or 2 linked artes per battle, and there is no particularly effective way to grind this trophy other than just playing the game more.

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