Glitchy trophy

A glitchy trophy is one that does not always unlock when it should. Some glitchy trophies may unlock upon repeating the unlock requirement, while others may in fact be glitched, which means that they never unlock no matter what the player does.

Games with glitchy trophy listsEdit

Some games have entire trophy lists (i.e., not just individual trophies) that are glitchy. Some notable examples include:

The-cave-logo.png The Cave

This game's trophies will not unlock unless the player's controller is set as Controller 1 in the PS3 system.

God-of-war-logo.png God of War (PS3 / PS Vita)

In the Vita version of this game, trophies may not unlock. The exact cause of this problem is not known, but it seems to be fixed by making sure to never press the "PS Home" button while playing the game. Rebooting the Vita before loading up the game may also help.

God-of-war-ii-logo.png God of War 2

The Vita version of God of War 2 has the same problem (described above) as God of War 1.

Twin-robots-logo.png Twin Robots

This game's trophies all have a habit of not unlocking when they should. In most cases, this can be fixed simply by re-playing the level that should have caused them to unlock.

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