Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Haunted Lodge killer trophy

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Haunted Lodge killer
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Description   Finish 'Haunted Lodge' on Insane
Grade   silver Silver trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    medium
DLC required   none
Difficulty level required   Insane or Psychotic
Tags    none
Trophy guides   PlaystationTrophies.org

Haunted Lodge killer is a silver trophy Silver trophy.png in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.


You will earn this trophy while going for The nightmare ends (gold). Since this is the first level of the game, it consists mainly of tutorials, and it does not have a boss fight. You have unlimited ammo during this level, so shoot at anything and everything that moves.

If you have trouble with this level, see the following video guide, which also gathers all of the collectibles and secrets in this level:

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Haunted Lodge (Insane/Psychotic difficulty)

Trophy unlock imageEdit

Here is an image of the trophy unlocking: