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Obsessive collector
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Description   Collect all the skittles
Grade   gold Gold trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    extreme
DLC required   none
Tags    Collect icon.png collectible
Trophy guides   PlaystationTrophies.org

Obsessive collector is a gold trophy Gold trophy.png in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.


Skittles are the game's primary collectible, and there are a total of 130 of them in the game. They are distributed throughout the game's levels as follows:

  • Haunted Lodge: 20
  • Nightmare Descent: 10
  • Hotel Hell: 20
  • Psycho Cellblock: 20
  • Ghost Town: 20
  • Mines of Death: 20
  • Final Inferno: 20

Note that you will have to play some levels twice to get all of them, as you sometimes have to follow two different paths through the level. If you have trouble finding any of them, you can follow either:

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