Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - The nightmare ends trophy

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The nightmare ends
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Description   Finish the story on Psychotic
Grade   gold Gold trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    very hard
DLC required   none
Difficulty level required   Psychotic
Tags    none
Trophy guides   PlaystationTrophies.org

The nightmare ends is a gold trophy Gold trophy.png in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.


This is by far the game's most difficult trophy. Psychotic difficulty is the same as Insane difficulty, except you only have one life. To make this much easier on yourself, you can backup your save data (either via Playstation Plus or a USB stick) after each of the game's levels, so that you only have to complete each level without dying (not the entire game). Also, do not attempt this trophy until you are very familiar with the game, and have earned all of the trophies not relates to Insane or Psychotic difficulty.

For specific tips and video walkthroughs for each of the game's 7 levels on this difficulty, see the trophy guides corresponding to each level:

Trophy unlock imageEdit

Here is an image of the trophy unlocking: