Rayman Legends (Vita) - Champion! trophy

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Description   Win a diamond cup at the end of a Challenge
Grade   gold Gold trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    very hard
DLC required   none
Difficulty level required   none
Tags    Online icon.png online
Trophy guides   PlaystationTrophies.org

Champion! is a gold trophy Gold trophy.png in Rayman Legends (Vita) that is attained by earning a diamond cup in a daily or weekly challenge.


This is the most difficult trophy in the game, as it requires you to earn a diamond cup on a daily or weekly challenge. To earn a diamond cup, you must be in the top 1% of participants in that challenge (the 1% is rounded down: if there are 3199 participants in a daily challenge, only the top 31 participants get a diamond cup).

Don't worry about this trophy during your first week or two of doing daily challenges. After some time, you will find challenges that you like (and some that you don't). Then just practice, practice, practice the challenges that you like and hope that you are able to obtain this trophy on your way to getting Aweso me! (gold). The following video shows a player earning a diamond cup in a "get 150 lums as quickly as possible" challenge.

Champion! trophy