Mega Man 10 - TRUSTY SIDEARM trophy

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Mega Man 10
Description   Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.
Grade   bronze Bronze trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    medium
DLC required   none
Tags    none
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TRUSTY SIDEARM is a bronze trophy Bronze trophy.png in Mega Man 10.


To unlock this trophy, you must defeat each of the 8 robot bosses using just the Mega Buster (i.e., the default weapon). You can earn this during your NORMAL difficulty playthrough of the game, or on a separate EASY difficulty playthrough. Just like with HEADBANGING (silver), you can either do this when you fight the 8 bosses the first time going through their levels, or when you face them in level 4 of Dr. Wily's castle (the room with the 8 teleport pods that lead directly to the 8 bosses).