Mega Man 10 - DESTROYER trophy

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Mega Man 10
Description   Defeat 1000 enemies.
Grade   silver Silver trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    medium
DLC required   none
Tags    none
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DESTROYER is a silver trophy Silver trophy.png in Mega Man 10.


You will likely not earn this trophy during your first playthrough of the game, but fortunately it is cumulative across all of your playthroughs, and it will likely come naturally during your third or fourth playthrough, while working toward other trophies. If you want to grind it out, find any corridor where the small screw-like enemies repeatedly come out of the floor and ceiling (e.g., the hallway in the final level of Dr. Wily's castle). These enemies spawn endlessly and in great numbers, so it should not take too long to farm them for 1000 kills.