Mega Man 10 - SUPERHERO trophy

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Description   Clear the game on HARD.
Grade   bronze Bronze trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    very hard
DLC required   none
Difficulty level required   HARD
Tags    none
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SUPERHERO is a bronze trophy Bronze trophy.png in Mega Man 10.


To unlock this trophy, you must beat the game on HARD difficulty, which is unlocked by first completing the game on NORMAL difficulty (EASY difficulty does not unlock anything). HARD difficulty is quite challenging, with the biggest change from NORMAL difficulty being how much faster enemies move and shoot. There are also some enemies in new positions, and bosses have some new attack patterns.

To make this playthrough a bit easier, you can farm screws so that you can buy lots of energy tanks, weapon tanks, shock absorbers, and Beat calls to make the Wily castle stages at the end of the game easier. You cannot save between levels in Dr. Wily's castle, so make sure that you are well-stocked before entering it.

See MR.PERFECT (silver) for a video guide of how to complete HARD mode (without taking damage!).