LocoRoco Remastered - The Crane Master! trophy

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The Crane Master!
LocoRoco Remastered
Description   Get 20 LocoRoco of every color from the MuiMui Crane game.
Grade   gold Gold trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    extreme
DLC required   none
Tags    none

The Crane Master! is a gold trophy Gold trophy.png in LocoRoco Remastered.


To make this trophy significantly easier, first press the "touchpad" button to enable motion controls. Once they are enabled, flicking the Dualshock 4 controller upwards flicks the LocoRoco up into the air, which helps dislodge objects from the bottom and maintain a hold on the shapes. If you repeatedly do this upward flick motion as the crane lower to grab something, it will more than likely grab the LocoRoco instead of the other prizes.

Here are some additional tricks to help with the MuiMui Crane game:

  • Try to grab large LocoRoco first, as they can be worth up to 3 LocoRoco each.
  • The game will tell you once you have 20 LocoRoco of any particular color, so you do not need to keep track yourself.

You will earn More Friends To Play With Bronze trophy.png and Come Together Silver trophy.png naturally on your way to getting this trophy.

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Here is an image of the trophy unlocking:


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