LocoRoco Remastered - Let's Explore The World! trophy

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Let's Explore The World!
LocoRoco Remastered
Description   Earn the "Perfect!" rank for LocoRoco, Pickories and hidden MuiMui on every stage.
Grade   gold Gold trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    extreme
DLC required   none
Tags    Collect icon.png collectible

Let's Explore The World! is a gold trophy Gold trophy.png in LocoRoco Remastered.


Every level in the game has 20 hidden LocoRocos, a small number of MuiMui's (typically 3 to 5), and a large number of Pickories (typically 100 to 200). To unlock this trophy, you must get a "Perfect!" rating for all 3 types of collectibles in every single level of the game. Fortunately, you do not need to get the 3 "Perfect!" ratings in the same playthrough of the level (e.g., you can get "Perfect!" for MuiMuis in one playthrough and then "Perfect!" for LocoRocos and Pickories in another playthrough, and that is still good enough for this trophy).

You already have to find all MuiMuis in order to earn Found Them All Gold trophy.png, and you have to find all LocoRocos in order to earn Full Belly Gold trophy.png, so really the only additional requirement of this trophy is that you have to complete all levels with all Pickories. If you have trouble finding any of them, refer to the video guides provided for the World 1 – 5 trophies:

Alternatively, there are maps of all of the game's levels here, which can be used to track down any collectibles and secrets that you're having a tough time finding.

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Here is an image of the trophy unlocking:


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