Future Unfolding

Future Unfolding
Future Unfolding
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List of Trophies
Platinum trophy.pngPlatinum 
(silver)Hidden Place 
(silver)Lost in the Woods 
Gold trophy.pngIn Circles 
Gold trophy.pngMaverick 
Gold trophy.pngSomething Went Terribly Wrong 
(gold)Creation of a Forest 
Gold trophy.pngListen 
(gold)Walk, Don't Run 
Gold trophy.pngMaking Friends 
Gold trophy.pngThe Only Way Out is to Finish the Game 
Gold trophy.pngThe Cartographer 

Future Unfolding is a video game.


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Platinum Platinum [add/edit tips]
Platinum Trophy

This trophy is awarded for earning all trophies in the game.

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Hidden Place
Hidden Place Hidden PlaceHidden Place [add/edit tips]
Uncover the secrets of the caves.

The description is a bit misleading. This trophy can be obtained by finding a teleport tree that will take you to a small, hidden area, containing white flower pickups and a creature that will give you advice. The teleport tree will be a different color and stick out amongst the typical trees of that region.

Lost in the Woods
Lost in the Woods Lost in the WoodsLost in the Woods [add/edit tips]
There is pleasure in the pathless woods.

Just walk into the middle of a group of trees, set your controller down, and walk away. Eventually this trophy will pop.

In Circles
In Circles In CirclesIn Circles [add/edit tips]
We see only the flowers that are under our feet.

Here is a video guide for this trophy:

Future Unfolding - In Circles Trophy Guide
Practice PracticePractice [add/edit tips]
Take it all in.

Note the position of the character on the trophy badge, sitting cross-legged. When you load your game, the player will spawn in this same position. Simply leave the player in this position. It may take a while, between 1-2 hours.

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Maverick MaverickMaverick [add/edit tips]
Water is safe. Even from a high distance.

Here is a video guide for this trophy:

Future Unfolding - Maverick Trophy Guide
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Something Went Terribly Wrong
Something Went Terribly Wrong Something Went Terribly WrongSomething Went Terribly Wrong [add/edit tips]
An experiment can go two ways: It can either go wrong or it can fail.

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Creation of a Forest
Creation of a Forest Creation of a ForestCreation of a Forest [add/edit tips]
Make a tree grow. Die. Repeat.

You will likely acquire this trophy through playing the game through to completion.

A tree will grow when you die. You can also make rabbits create small trees by befriending them, then interacting with the circle button.

As for destroying trees, there are several ways including riding the bull by interacting with circle (you can loosely control him, and his dash will destroy trees), and by finding a turtle. When near, he will create a black hole. You'll want to avoid this, as it can kill you, however it will swallow trees in the process!

Listen ListenListen [add/edit tips]
Seek advice from many sources.

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Walk, Don't Run
Walk, Don't Run Walk, Don't RunWalk, Don't Run [add/edit tips]
The wolves are vicious. Be careful, but stay calm.

Much like the trophy description says, you must gain the attention of a wolf, then avoid them without running. A red line will appear in the direction they are about to strike. Avoid getting killed, and the trophy will pop after 10-15 seconds.

Making Friends
Making Friends Making FriendsMaking Friends [add/edit tips]
Take us along, we're friends.

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The Only Way Out is to Finish the Game
The Only Way Out is to Finish the Game The Only Way Out is to Finish the Game [add/edit tips]
There is no common tale of how this world will end.

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The Cartographer
The Cartographer The Cartographer [add/edit tips]
Discover the world with the mindset of a pioneer.

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