Fort Defense: North Menace

Fort Defense: North Menace
Fort Defense: North Menace
Trophies Bronze trophy.png   4 Silver trophy.png   1 Gold trophy.png
Platforms PS4 Ps4.png   Vita Vita.png
100% difficulty very easy
100% time 2 – 4 hours
Playthroughs needed 1
DLC packages none
Trophy lists4: PS4 (NA, EU), Vita (NA, EU)
Genrestrategy, tower defense
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List of Trophies
(bronze)Volley from all the guns! 
(silver)Magic storm 
(bronze)Pete adactyl 
(bronze)In full sail! 
(silver)God's punishment 
(silver)Rime of the beard  missable glitchy
(bronze)Seven feet under the keel!  missable
(gold)Snow fever 
(bronze)Dead Man's Chest  unmissable
(silver)An old piece of plate  missable

Fort Defense: North Menace is a strategy and tower defense game. It is a follow-up to Fort Defense, but has a much easier trophy list than that game due to cheaper tower upgrades and less restrictive trophy requirements. Its trophy list can be completed in a bit over 2 hours, and none of it is very challenging. It is typically considered one of 7 games in a "tower defense collection" of games by the same developer (8Floor Ltd). The games in this collection all play very similarly to each other and have similar trophy lists to one another as well. The other games in this collection are Day D Tower Rush, Fort Defense, Iron Sea Defenders, Medieval Defenders, Royal Defense, and Royal Defense: Invisible Threat.



Step 1: Play through the game, watching out for the 3 missable trophiesEdit

First, just play through the game, being careful to complete the following actions in order to earn the 3 missable trophies:

  • (silver) Rime of the beard: Complete the first 10 levels of the game in 1 sitting, without closing the game.
  • (silver) An old piece of plate: Complete the first 5 levels of the game without purchasing tower upgrades from the shop (you can upgrade your towers within each level, though).
  • (bronze) Seven feet under the keel!: Complete any 3 levels in a row without a single enemy reaching your base.

You will also earn (bronze) Dead Man's Chest during this step, likely in one of the first levels of the game.

Step 2: 3 stars and clean-upEdit

Next, go back and earn any of the trophies that you have not yet unlocked. See the individual trophy guides for the following trophies:

(gold)Snow fever 
(bronze)Volley from all the guns! 
(silver)Magic storm 
(bronze)Pete adactyl 
(bronze)In full sail! 
(silver)God's punishment 
(silver)An old piece of plate  missable

Once you have earned them all, you will be at 100% completion for this game.


Volley from all the guns!
Volley from all the guns! Volley from all the guns! [add/edit tips]
All the grounds on which you can install the tools should be employed

To unlock this trophy, simply build a building on every available location in a single level.

Magic storm
Magic storm Magic storm [add/edit tips]
200 spells cast

To unlock this spells, simply use any of your spells 200 times total (it does not have to be in a single sitting or all the same spell). A quick way to farm this trophy is to load the last level of the game, cast all of your spells, and then restart the level and repeat until the trophy unlocks.

Pete adactyl
Pete adactyl Pete adactyl [add/edit tips]
The level of damage to opponents played, from the first wave

To earn this trophy, simply fail a level in its very first wave. You can always earn this trophy on the game's final level, no matter which upgrades you have purchase, so it is not missable.

More about this trophy...
In full sail!
In full sail! In full sail! [add/edit tips]
Countdown timer wave of enemies on each level was reset

Before every wave starts, there is a notification on the map that shows from where the enemies will spawn. To unlock this trophy, touch this notification (which makes it disappear) before every wave in a single level. You should do this regularly anyway, as it earns you a small amount of gold every time.

More about this trophy...
God's punishment
God's punishment God's punishment [add/edit tips]
500 enemies have been destroyed by your spell

Simply kill 500 total enemies with spells. This trophy is cumulative and does not need to be done in a single sitting. It will likely not come naturally while playing through the game. To farm it, replay the final level of the game and use area-of-effect spells to kill large groups of enemies. You can restart the level whenever is convenient – you do not have to complete the level for the kills to count.

Rime of the beard
Rime of the beard Rime of the beard [add/edit tips]
10 levels were in a row, without a complete application

To unlock this trophy, you must complete 10 levels in a row without shutting down the game. You can suspend the game (if playing on PS4) or use standby mode (if playing on Vita), but do not completely close down the game.

This trophy is glitchy and will not unlock you earn this right from the start (i.e., your first time playing the first 10 levels of the game). If it does not unlock for you, delete your save data and replay the first 10 levels without shutting down the game.

Seven feet under the keel!
Seven feet under the keel! Seven feet under the keel! [add/edit tips]
Level 3 consecutive passed, with no ship did not attack the enemy outpost

To earn this trophy, you must complete 3 levels in a row without any enemy ships reaching your base. This is easiest to earn on the game's first 3 levels, but there are plenty of later opportunities to earn it as well. If you do not earn it on your first playthrough, delete your save data and then re-play the first few levels of the game until you get it.

Snow fever
Snow fever Snow fever [add/edit tips]
All levels of the episode "Arctic Ocean" were passed 3 stars

To earn this trophy, you must complete all levels with 3 stars (i.e., without letting a single enemy ship reach your base). Do not worry about this too much your first time through the game, as you can re-play levels later on, once your have purchased lots of upgrades. Getting 3 stars is pretty straightforward once your towers and spells are fully upgraded.

If you need help getting 3 stars on any of the game's levels, a complete 3-star video guide is provided in this Youtube playlist. The first video is below:

Fort Defense Arctic Ocean Level 2-1 Hard 3 Stars
More about this trophy...
Dead Man's Chest
Dead Man's Chest Dead Man's Chest [add/edit tips]
5000 gold coins are earned from killing enemies

Unmissable. When you kill enemies, you get coins. You will likely get this trophy in one of the first levels of the game.

An old piece of plate
An old piece of plate An old piece of plate [add/edit tips]
The first 5 levels of the episode have been passed with the guns out of the store without improvements

To unlock this trophy, complete the first 5 levels of the game without purchasing any tower upgrades from the shop. You can still upgrade them in the levels themselves. Note that you can upgrade your spells without voiding this trophy, and doing so makes it much easier to obtain.

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