Attacking Zegeta

Attacking Zegeta
Attacking Zegeta
Trophies Bronze trophy.png   0 Silver trophy.png   3 Gold trophy.png
Platform PS4 Ps4.png   
100% difficulty impossible
100% time 10 – 100 hours
Playthroughs needed 1
DLC packages none
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List of Trophies
Bronze trophy.pngWinner  missable
Gold trophy.pngChampion  missable
Gold trophy.pngLevel Crusher  missable
Gold trophy.pngRobot Destroyer  unobtainable

Attacking Zegeta is an extremely difficult platformer in the same vein as the "I Wanna Be the Guy!" game. In addition to being brutally difficult, its trophies' descriptions are extremely vague, to the point that no one in the world knows how to unlock the Robot Destroyer Gold trophy.png trophy. The game was critically panned, and has been called "The Worst Game on PS4". Its sequel is Attacking Zegeta 2.

With only four trophies, it is tied with a few other games like MLB 13: The Show - Home Run Derby Edition and It's Spring Again for having fewer trophies than any other game.



Step 1: Play through the game, looking out for three trophiesEdit

First, play through the game, noting that you have to perform special actions in levels 1, 6, and 10 to earn Winner Bronze trophy.png, Champion Gold trophy.png, and Level Crusher Gold trophy.png, respectively. Look at the guides for those individual trophies for more information. Note that if you ever run out of lives in the game, you will be sent straight back to level 1 – there is no level select, which makes the game's trophies missable.

Step 2: Give upEdit

Currently, no one knows how to earn the final trophy, Robot Destroyer Gold trophy.png.[1][2]


Winner Winner [add/edit tips]
You are very persistent!!!

This trophy is awarded for beating the game's first level without ever exiting the level (via "L1" + "R1").

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Champion Champion [add/edit tips]
You are an amazing champ!!!

This trophy can be earned by beating level 6 with very few deaths (or perhaps without dying at the level's final boss). The exact unlock requirements are not known.

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Level Crusher
Level Crusher
Level Crusher Level Crusher [add/edit tips]
You really are a warrior!!!

This trophy is earned by destroying every yellow block in the game's final level (level 10) and then beating the level.

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Robot Destroyer
Robot Destroyer Robot Destroyer [add/edit tips]

Warning: No one has been able to figure out the requirements for unlocking this trophy, and thus no one has earned it to date.

Currently, there is no known method for unlocking this trophy. No one has ever earned it. Many things have been tried to unlock this trophy, and the following actions are confirmed to not work:

  • Beat the game without dying
  • Beat the game without exiting to the menu
  • Beat the game killing all the level bosses with Zegeta instead of the iFly
  • Beat the game killing all the level bosses with the iFly (gun)
  • Beat the game not picking up a single checkpoint
  • Beat the game destroying every yellow block in every level
  • Beat the game quickly
  • Kill 100 enemies in every level
  • Kill 2000 enemies in a single level

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