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Downloadable content is additional content (e.g., new levels, missions, characters, or items) that can be downloaded in order to expand a game. Downloadable content often (but not always) adds new trophies to a game, but those new trophies are typically not required to earn the game's platinum trophy. However, there are a handful of exceptions to this rule (see below).


History and detailsEdit

Prior to the system software 3.00 update for the Playstation 3 on September 1, 2009, DLC trophies appeared in the same list as the base game's trophies (although they were still not required in order to earn the game's platinum, if it had one).[1] A list of games with "unsplit" DLC trophy lists like this can be found at Category:Games with unsplit DLC trophy lists.

Games requiring DLC to platinumEdit

Despite the general rule that DLC trophies are not required for a game's platinum, there are a handful of exceptions:

Blazblue-chronophantasma-extend-logo.png Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend
  • Vita (Japan) only. The following trophies do not exist in the Vita (other) list.
  • The Look Forward To It Gold trophy.png trophy requires the Story Mode & Gallery Mode DLC (Free)
  • The Ample EX Silver trophy.png trophy requires the Story Mode & Gallery Mode DLC (Free)
  • The Heart To Heart Silver trophy.png trophy requires the Story Mode & Gallery Mode DLC (Free)
  • The Unlimited Blazblue Works Silver trophy.png trophy requires the Story Mode & Gallery Mode DLC (Free)
  • The Patron Of The Arts Gold trophy.png trophy requires the Story Mode & Gallery Mode DLC (Free)
  • The Your Guest Is As Good As Mine Bronze trophy.png trophy requires the Story Mode & Gallery Mode DLC (Free)
The-eye-of-judgment-logo.png The Eye of Judgment
Eyepet-logo.png EyePet
  • The Shopaholic (bronze) trophy requires you to download a single (free) item from the PlaystationStore. Whether or not this counts as "real" DLC is up for debate.
Hand-of-fate-logo.png Hand of Fate
  • The "Murder at Sea" DLC trophies are required for the platinum (however, they are included in the PS4 version of the game).
  • If you install the "Wildcards" DLC, its trophies become required for the platinum as well.
  • Even if the "Wildcards" DLC is not installed, three of its trophies are required for the platinum: Dungeon Conqueror (bronze), Graduation (bronze), and Lord of War (bronze). These trophies can be earned without any DLC (despite appearing in the game's DLC list).
Naild-logo.png Nail'd
  • The And who's the best? (silver) requires you to download the game's only DLC package, since otherwise there are not enough events to win.

Notable DLC without trophiesEdit

There are many DLC packages that do not add trophies to a game, such as ones that just add skins or cosmetic features to the game. However, there are also some large level packs that add a substantial amount of content to the game, but nonetheless do not add any trophies. These DLC packages are listed here.

Assassins-creed-ii-logo.png Assassin's Creed 2
  • Two of the game's DLC packages, "Battle of Forli" and "Bonfire of the Vanities" contain several new storyline missions, but contribute no new trophies to the game.
  • Furthermore, if these DLC packages are installed, they must be completed in order to complete the game's main storyline (they are inserted between memories 11 and 14 in the main game, both of which do have trophies).
Dark-souls-logo.png Dark Souls
  • The "Artorias of the Abyss" DLC is quite large and contains many new areas and bosses, but adds no new trophies to the game.
Dark-souls-ii-logo.png Dark Souls 2
  • This game has 3 large DLC packages, none of which add trophies: "Crown of the Sunken King", "Crown of the Old Iron King", and "Crown of the Ivory King".
  • However, in the PS4 version of the game (which contains these three DLC packages bundled in with the base game, these DLC packages must be played in order to obtain all spells and miracles (which are required for some trophies).
Dark-souls-iii-ps4-logo.png Dark Souls 3
  • This game has 2 large DLC packages, neither of which add trophies: "Ashes of Ariandel" and "The Ringed City".
Nier-logo.png Nier
  • The "The World of Recycled Vessel" DLC adds some new areas, some new mini-bosses, and some new items and weapons, but no new trophies.

Games with stand-alone DLC trophy listsEdit

Typically, DLC trophies are appended to the game's trophy list. However, sometimes they get their own separate trophy list.

Assassins-creed-freedom-cry-logo.png Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry
Infamous-festival-of-blood-logo.png Infamous: Festival of Blood
Infamous-first-light-ps4-logo.png Infamous: First Light
Wolfenstein-the-old-blood-logo.png Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Games with lots of DLCEdit

Many games get anywhere from 1 to 4 DLC packages with trophies. However, some games get an excessive number of DLC packages, or DLC gradually released over the course of years after the game's release. These games are cataloged here.

Driveclub-ps4-logo.png Driveclub
  • This game has a whopping 21 DLC packages with trophies (more than any other game).
Minecraft-playstation3-edition-logo.png Minecraft (PS3)
  • The PS3 version of this game has 9 DLC packages, which have been gradually trickled out over the years since the game's release. Its most recent DLC package is the final DLC with trophies released for any PS3 game.
  • The PS4/Vita version of the game only has 6 DLC packages, but all the same trophies as the PS3 version (the difference is that 3 of the DLC packages from the PS3 version are included as base-game trophies in the PS4/Vita versions).
Sound-shapes-logo.png Sound Shapes
  • This game has 11 DLC packages, each with 5 trophies. Each DLC package can be completed within about 5 to 10 minutes.
Warframe-logo.png Warframe
  • This game has 20 DLC packages.

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