Boosting is the act of playing a multiplayer game together with other trophy hunters in an unusual or non-intended way in order to make it easier to earn trophies. For example, if a game had a trophy requiring a player to win 10 games against other players in online games, two people could boost that trophy by playing 20 games together, purposely letting one player win 10 of the games and the other player win the other 10 games.

Trophies that (almost) require boostingEdit

While many online games can have some of their trophies boosted, there are some notable examples where particular trophies would be almost impossible to unlock during normal play, and thus essentially must be boosted. For example,

Ac-brotherhood-logo.png Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3)
  • The Abstergo Employee of the Month (bronze) trophy requires the player to earn 15 distinct bonuses in a single multiplayer match. Most of those bonuses require careful coordination of multiple people and do not come naturally, and earning this even with a handful of boosting partners can be challenging.
  • Also, Download Complete (silver) trophy requires the player to reach level 50 in multiplayer, which would take dozens of hours of "legitimate" playtime, so many trophy hunters boost it by taking turns stunning each other.

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