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A trophy is an in-game award that is given to a player upon completing a particular challenge within a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita game, and is the focal point of this wiki. Four different types of trophies exist, and they are roughly graded by how difficult they are to earn: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. While bronze, silver, and gold trophy requirements vary from game to game, platinum trophies are only ever awarded for earning all other trophies within the game. Trophies do not have any inherent value, but act as proof that the player performed the task described by the trophy.


Other similar award systemsEdit

Although many games over the years had included optional in-game challenges and awards over the years, the idea of a system-wide in-game award system was popularized by the "achievement" system that was introduced by Microsoft for the XBox 360.

Gaming network Devices Award system
PlayStation Network PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita trophies
XBox Live XBox 360, XBox One, Windows Phone achievements
Apple Game Center iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch achievements
Kongregate badges


There are four grades of trophies. In order from least valuable to most valuable, they are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze trophies are typically awarded for simple tasks such as defeating a certain number of enemies in a game, silver trophies are awarded for slightly more challenging tasks such as defeating a difficult boss, and gold trophies are most often awarded for very completing very tough objectives, such as finding all collectibles in a game or beating the game on its highest difficulty setting (but there are exceptions). Platinum trophies, however, are (almost) always awarded for earning all of a game's other (non-DLC) trophies.

Types of trophiesEdit

There are many different "types" of trophies that exist, used to group together trophies in different games that have similar requirements or quirks. Some examples are provided here, though this list is by no means exhaustive.

Ad hoc trophiesEdit

Main article: Ad hoc trophy

An "ad hoc" trophy is a type of trophy specific to PlayStation Vita games that requires the player to play a local multiplayer Vita game. This type of trophy is disliked because it requires two Vitas, each with a copy of the same game, to be in close physical proximity of each other. Due to the lack of popularity of the Vita, arranging local multiplayer games in this way can be extremely difficult.

Grindy trophiesEdit

Main article: Grindy trophy

Grindy trophies are trophies that require a significant amount of time to unlock, but do not really test the player's skill in any way. Grindy trophies are most common in role-playing games.

Luck-based trophiesEdit

Main article: Luck-based trophy

Luck-based trophies are trophies that depend entirely (or almost entirely) on random factors beyond the player's control, rather than the player's skill. These types of trophies are especially common in games based on game shows and games based on card games or casino games.

Missable trophiesEdit

Main article: Missable trophy

Missable trophies are trophies that can only be unlocked at a specific point during a game's campaign, and if that chance at the trophy is missed then a new playthrough of the game must be started, often requiring a significant time investment before the player has another chance at the trophy. Missable trophies are particularly common in linear action/adventure games.

Online trophiesEdit

Main article: Online trophy

Online trophies are trophies that require an internet connection (and typically active servers for the game) to obtain. Online trophies are usually also multiplayer trophies, but sometimes they instead require the player to do a single-player action online, such as upload a game level that they created, or update their profile online.

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