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What Near looked like on the Vita.
Near was a service and application offered for the Playstation Vita that allowed Vita gamers to interact when in close proximity of each other (within 2km or so). These interactions were typically quite limited, and included things like offering in-game items to each other (but no true multiplayer functionality—local multiplayer was handled via ad hoc play, which is still possible). In some instances, it was possible to trade items via Near even when not physically close to the other player, but this varied from game to game. Near was discontinued on July 31, 2017,[1] making all trophies that relied on it unobtainable.

Games with trophies requiring Near[edit]

The Near app is no longer functional, thus making several trophies that relied on it unobtainable.
The following games have trophies that required Near functionality to unlock. Because Near is no longer available, all of these trophies are now unobtainable.
A-men-vita-logo.png A-men (Vita)

The Treasure hunter Bronze trophy.png and Broker Bronze trophy.png trophies both require you to trade some items via Near (the former trophy is for receiving 3 items, and the other is for sending 1 item).

Angry-birds-trilogy-vita-logo.png Angry Birds Trilogy (Vita)

The Free as a Bird Bronze trophy.png trophy requires you to send 7 birds out "on migration", which can only be done via Near.

Dream-c-club-zero-portable-logo.png Dream C Club Zero Portable

This game has a trophy (which one?) that requires you to trade a card via Near.

Travel-bug-logo.png Travel Bug

This game had more Near integration than any other, and was entirely designed around using it to send bugs to other players and having other players send their bugs to you. Every single one of its trophies depended on Near functionality, and thus they are all now unobtainable.

Games benefiting from Near, but not requiring it[edit]

The following games have trophies that were made easier to obtain with access to Near, but can nonetheless still be obtained without it.

Ragnarok-odyssey-logo.png Ragnarok Odyssey

Cards can be traded via Near to make the Card complate (gold) trophy much easier, but it can still be obtained by repeatedly grinding the late-game bosses. The situation in Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is similar.

Unit-13-vita-logo.png Unit 13

Near could be used to make the High-Value Target trophies much easier, but they can still be obtained without it.

Uncharted-golden-abyss-logo.png Uncharted: Golden Abyss

This game has numerous trophies related to "bounties", which could be traded via Near to make them easier to obtain. They can still be obtained in-game, but require a bit more grinding now.

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