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A multiplayer trophy is a trophy that requires two or more active participants in the game to earn. Many multiplayer trophies are also online trophies, but some multiplayer trophies can also be obtained via local multiplayer (i.e., by using multiple controllers). For the purposes of this wiki, a trophy is marked as a multiplayer trophy (with the Multi icon.png icon) only when the trophy truly requires multiple active players to be earned. If the trophy can reasonably be earned by a single player using two or more controllers, it is instead marked just with the Controllers icon.png icon.

Multiplayer trophies are often disliked by trophy hunters, as obtaining them often requires boosting. Furthermore, online multiplayer trophies can become unobtainable if/when the game's servers go offline, and local multiplayer trophies can be extremely difficult to earn since many trophy hunters do not have "real-life" trophy hunter friends.

Notable offline multiplayer trophies[edit]

This section lists some particularly notable multiplayer trophies. This list focuses specifically on trophies that can be earned offline (a list of notable online multiplayer trophies can be found here).


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