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A bird
Seasons After Fall
Description   In the Woods of the Ancestors, listen carefully, find the bird and keep very still.
Grade   gold Gold trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    easy
DLC required   none
Tags    none
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A bird is a gold trophy Gold trophy.png in Seasons After Fall.


After obtaining all 4 Fragments, return to the "Ancestors" sub-area of the "Winter" area (north-east of Sanctuary). About halfway through this area, there is a region with numerous trees that you can climb. Climb up to the highest tree and switch to the Summer season, and you should hear a bird singing. Just stay still up there on the tree for about 2 minutes, and this trophy will eventually unlock.

See the following video guide if you are having trouble finding the right tree:

Seasons After Fall - "A bird" trophy guide

Trophy unlock imageEdit

Here is an image of the trophy unlocking: