Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Make Mother Proud trophy

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Make Mother Proud
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Description   Completed an SO.
Grade   bronze Bronze trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    easy
DLC required   none
Tags    none
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Make Mother Proud is a bronze trophy Bronze trophy.png in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.


In Akademeia, use the giant red portal to go to the Sorcery area. There, talking to one of the characters will let you enable something called "SO"s. Enable them.

Then, every now and then while you are on a mission, a big red notification will appear on screen that says "Incoming". Press your PS4 controller's "touchpad" button to see a battle challenge that you must complete. Complete it to earn this trophy.

See also Above the Law (silver).

Trophy unlock imageEdit

Here is an image of the trophy unlocking: