Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Skilled Slayer trophy

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Skilled Slayer
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Description   Landed Killsight strikes on 20 enemies.
Grade   bronze Bronze trophy.png
Difficulty to obtain    very easy
DLC required   none
Tags    none
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Skilled Slayer is a bronze trophy Bronze trophy.png in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.


When locked onto an enemy with "R1", every now and then the blue lock-on cursor will change to yellow or red. If you successfully attack them while the cursor is one of these different colors, you will either deal massive damage or instantly kill them – this is a Killsight strike. Do this 20 times to unlock the trophy. Note that this trophy will almost definitely unlock naturally very early on in the game (around Chapter 2 or so), even if you don't actively try to land Killsight strikes. Also see The Executioner (silver).

Trophy unlock imageEdit

Here is an image of the trophy unlocking: